Gary Lamb

Gary Lamb’s (Ed.) latest work is A Road to Sacred Creation: Rudolf Steiner’s Perspectives on Technology, A Compendium, Volume 1 (2021), published by SteinerBooks. Learn more.

He was an editor with Sarah Hearn of Steinerian Economics, published by Adonis Press (2014) and available here.


Christopher Schaefer

Christopher’s most recent book is Re-Imagining America: published by Hawthorne Press, UK (2020) here.

This anthology covers diverse yet interconnected themes, including what it means to be a conscious witness of our times, questions about 9/11, the second Bush administration and the American Empire Project, the global economic crisis, income inequalities, personally navigating chaos and the election of Donald Trump. Here are alternative, radical ideas for social reform and tackling inequality.

His previous book, Looking for Hope in Difficult Times, (2018) was also published by Hawthorne Press. In this text, the author analyses some seminal events of the 21st century: 9-11, the U,S, Empire Project, the Financial Crisis, Income Inequalities, the Election of Donald Trump and Witnessing the Long Emergency. His critical assessment is balanced by a deep optimism and a practical vision of social reform.