On Tuesday, February 13 Gary Lamb, Director of Center for Social Research, is releasing his anticipated book On the Wings of Words: Conversations and Human Relations: Inner Aspects of the Fundamental Social Law and The Threefold Social Organism.

In this volume, Lamb researched and collected various perspectives that Rudolf Steiner has spoken or written about regarding the importance of relationships, human interaction, and “Goethean conversation.” Lamb brings attention to how these conversations and social dynamics provide a soul-spiritual force to overcome evil in modern life for implementing the Fundamental Social Law and a threefold social organism.

You can buy the book online at SteinerBooks (link below) or locally at the Farm Store, Turose Craft & Gift Shoppe, and the Christian Community Church (Hillsdale).

Praise for On the Wings of Words:

A wonderfully concentrated expression of what spiritual science can contribute towards a positive social future by way of enhanced self-awareness and active self-transformation.
– Sherry W.

I found myself being profoundly moved; pausing repeatedly to reflect on how to incorporate these insights into my daily life. – Matt C.

While Reading “Wings,” I had a kind of catharsis—moments of deep self-reckoning transformed into inner pictures of more ennobled qualities of soul. – Virginia H.

Gary’s way of organizing this work is an example of what Steiner said is essential for a truly social life – the capacity to see things from multiple directions. – Gopi V.