I believe we have a unique opportunity for influencing the political and social debate in the United States over the next year as the future of American society is at stake in the upcoming 2020 Presidential election. In this Friday evening talk and Saturday morning workshop, we will explore what developments since 9/11 have brought us to our present crisis and what imagination of our American future could bring healing and authenticity to our fractured nation. Based on the forthcoming book, Looking for Hope in Difficult Times: Facing Ourselves and Re-Imagining America, to be published in July 2019.

Location: The Nature Institute, 20 May Hill Rd, Ghent, NY 12075

Friday talk (June 14): 7:30-9 pm.

Saturday workshop (June 15): 9am-12:30pm

Co-sponsored by the Center for Social Research and the Nature Institute

Fee: $20 for the evening and $45 for talk and workshop or whatever you can afford

For more information contact Christopher Schaefer.