August Mushroom Walk

Not a plant, not an animal… so what are they? We are happy to announce another mushroom walk alongside this month’s offerings. The walk will be held at the Rheinstrom Hill Audobon in Hillsdale and led once again by Josie Laing, our botany tech. She is still in the process of learning about fungi herself but looks forward to sharing what she has begun to understand thus far and helping guide others into this fantastic world. The walk won’t be centered around foraging or the uses of mushrooms (or collecting) but will explore the different life histories and physiologies there are, what to look for when identifying them, and which of them are often found in our landscape.

As of now, the walk will be held on August 16. However, mushrooms are elusive creatures, so if we find that the forest is too dry for the fungi to reveal themselves in the days prior to the walk, then we may postpone for another day. Please email Josie to register for this offering.

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