Gary Lamb

Author Talk: A Road to Sacred Creation

A Road to Sacred Creation: An Overview of Rudolf Steiner’s Perspectives on Technology

Upcoming Presentation by Gary Lamb at Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School on September 19 at 4pm

RSVP requested

This overview talk will be based on some of the main ideas in the newly released book, A Road to Sacred Creation, Rudolf Steiner’s Perspectives on Technology, A Compendium, Volume 1, which was edited by Gary Lamb with research assistance from Virginia Hermann and Martin Miller and illustrations by Michael Howard. Steiner not only critiqued the technology of his day nearly a century ago, but he provided a much larger picture of what the role of technology is meant to play in the future of earth evolution and how human beings need to relate to it.

RSVP at least one day prior to the event by email or at 518-672-4465 x 223.

Additional presentations on technology will take place later in the autumn based on specific themes in various chapters in the book.
There is no attendance fee. Signed copies of A Road to Sacred Creation will be available for purchase for $35 at the presentation. Copies are also available from, Turose Gift Shoppe, and the Hawthorne Valley Farm Store.

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