Collaborative Negotiation for Artists Building Community

Part of the Hone My Craft Workshop Series

Have you ever been with a group of folks who share your values and who want to collaborate, but it’s a challenge to work together? Is it a struggle to build lasting partnerships, even though it seems like a great fit?

This workshop at Lightforms Art Center will unpack the keys to successful collaborative negotiation. It can sound scary, but we actually negotiate all the time – in group projects, with galleries, even every time you schedule a dinner – and doing it with skill and intention can lead to powerful partnerships, which in turn expands your ability to create change!

This workshop will help you prepare for those conversations by uncovering your negotiation style, honing your listening skills to get to the heart of what matters to others, and understanding your own needs better.

This workshop will be led by Kelsa Summer Roidt and Ashmita Malkani of Habitus Incorporated. Their mission is to equip change-making individuals and organizations with the skills they need to communicate effectively and increase their impact.

This workshop is free, but you must register: contact Laura Summer at 518 653-2350 or by email.

This project has been supported by a grant from the Fund for Columbia County of the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation.

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