Cow Grooming on the Farm

Hawthorne Valley Farm is happy to host Volunteer Cow Grooming. What is cow grooming? Just like our canine or feline friends often need some support with their fur and skin, our dairy cows are no different–especially this time of year when the cows aren’t getting the vitamin D and nutritious pasture offerings of the warm months. This little extra grooming effort can go a long way, as grooming helps encourage skin rejuvenation under the fur and also removes excess muck that accumulates on their hind legs and tails. The cows love the massaging and scratching sensation, and the farmers appreciate a cleaner cow!

Join us on Friday, March 3rd to give our cows a little extra love! Please meet us in the Dairy Barn at 2:30 pm, which in cold weather can be accessed through the small door between the Creamery and the colorful ceramic bird art piece.

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