CSR Associative Economics Presentation

Gary Lamb, Director of the Center for Social Research (CSR) at Hawthorne Valley, will give a presentation to the members of the Kongsi Co-op in Malaysia on Tuesday, April 4th at 8:30 am. This online presentation and conversation will focus on the “Associative Relations Audit” found in the book Associative Economics: Spiritual Activity for the Common Good, written by Gary (Waldorf Publications, 2010).

The Kongsi Co-op has members in Malaysia and neighboring countries who focus on connecting people, soil, and nature. Established in 2022, it strives to work toward a sustainable interdependent three-fold society consisting of economics, politics, and culture. They aspire to co-create a community that is both human and environmental-centric through revitalizing the spirit and culture of community and sustainable living. The Co-op is engaged in community education and weekly studies of Associative Economics, in English and Mandarin. Their main initiatives in 2023 are a Community Supported Agriculture project and a complementary currency. Learn more about Kongsi Co-op here.

Participation in this event is limited to the Kongsi Co-op in Malaysia, but we encourage interested individuals to reach out to Gary via email about future CSR events.

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