Talk: Why Parzival?

Why Parzival cover

Join us on Saturday, September 30 at 7 pm in Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School’s Music Room for as Eric G. Müller leads a presentation of his latest book Why Parzival? An Epic of Our Age with Global Reach and Its Secret Connections to Waldorf Education. A Q&A will follow, and light refreshments will be served. Copies of the book will be available for purchase at the event, or ahead of time in Turose, at the Farm Store, through the Alkion Press website, and through Amazon.

About the Book

Why Parzival? endeavors to explore and uncover the overarching cultural, educational, and spiritual significance of Parzival from an anthroposophical perspective. The growing call of the elusive Grail in the age of the consciousness soul—in which we find ourselves irrevocably embedded—speaks directly to the evident needs of our fast-changing times and to the evolving future. Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Grail saga addresses the challenges of the contemporary individual, while awakening and reconnecting those inner destiny forces to the respective local and global communities through a series of grand imaginations. Studying this step-by-step journey of initiation has been a staple in Waldorf High Schools from the very beginning, and periodically it makes sense to remember why it was chosen and what it has to offer to the young person and our increasingly complex contemporary global society.

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