Transcending Private Capitalism and Socialism

A Necessity for Democracy, Freedom, and the Development of Ethical Technology

A Presentation and Conversation with Gary Lamb

This presentation is based on a chapter in the forthcoming book, A Road to Sacred Creation: Rudolf Steiner’s Indications on Technology, Volume 1, annotated by Gary Lamb, with research assistance from Virginia Hermann and Martin Miller. To be published by Alkion Press.

Seating is limited. RSVP required by by October 7. To RSVP and for more information, contact Gary by email or 518-672-4464 x223. The latest safety guidelines and exact location will be sent to all registrants prior to the event. Please RSVP as soon as possible to secure your preferred date.

The event will be held at Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School, 330 CR 21C, Ghent. Suggested donation of $5-$25.

About Gary
Gary Lamb is a Director of the Hawthorne Valley Center for Social Research. He has made Rudolf Steiner’s social ideas a lifelong study and published several books on education, economics, and social threefolding. On the practical side he has over 30 years’ experience in farm and business management, school administration, publishing, and teaching. His background in technology includes degrees in civil technology and mathematics, and various positions in the fields of medical technology, building construction, and manufacturing.

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