Warmth as Manifestations of Body, Soul, and Spirit

A Workshop with Branko Furst, MD, and Gopi Krishna Vijaya, PhD

Includes refreshments.

Suggested donation: $25 – $45 or pay what you can.

RSVP by Friday, March 25 at [email protected]
or 518-672-4465, ext. 223. Directions will be sent upon receipt of RSVP.

Co-Sponsored by the Hawthorne Valley Center for Social Research / Ethical Technology Initiative and the Foundation for Cultural Renewal.


“Warmth and the Heart”

Presentation by Branko Furst

The heart is the most active organ of the body, and yet, it expends only a fraction of its metabolic energy on contraction while generating an inordinate amount of heat. Why should the heart create so much warmth? This riddle in physiology will be examined from conventional and spiritual-scientific perspectives. Physiologic and ‘soul’ warmth will be explored as well as its role in bridging the physical-etheric and the soul-spiritual constituent members in animals and humans.


“Warmth: The Bridge to the Etheric World”

Presentation by Gopi Krishna Vijaya

Modern Science is still struggling with the questions regarding how warmth works and is far from the ancient idea of fire as the fourth element. But a clear look at the recent understanding of warmth shows how a spiritual scientific approach is far ahead of its time in accounting for warmth phenomena. This talk will show the relationship between our everyday experience of warmth and how it has unique features that help build a bridge to what we call the etheric world.

Suggested background reading for the workshop: The Bridge Between Universal Spirituality and the Physical Constitution of Man by Rudolf Steiner available at https://steinerbooks.presswarehouse.com/

* There is a possibility for a couple of people volunteering with set up, experiments, snack, and/or closing in lieu of a monetary donation. Let us know when you RSVP, if you are interested.

Provisional Schedule (subject to minor changes)

1:30 pm: Welcome by Gary Lamb
1:40 pm: “Warmth and the Heart”: Talk by Branko Furst
2:30 pm: Experiences of warmth followed by snack break.
3:30 pm: “Warmth: The Bridge to the Etheric World”: Talk by Gopi Krishna Vijaya
4:20 pm: Conversation Circles
4:50 pm: Plenum with Gopi and Branko
5:30 pm: Closing

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