Stacy grooming a cow under the chin

Winter Cow Grooming

Winter Cow Grooming is Back!
Join us in the milking barn Fridays from 2:30-3:30pm and help us brush our dairy cows!
Why brushing?
Brushing stimulates the skin under the cow’s fur and encourages shedding, which cows need to do to maintain their thick, lovely winter coats. It is also a wonderful way to give our cows some attention and love during the dark, cold months. We will provide brushes!
Please come prepared to be around cattle and manure. Our barn is not heated besides the heat the cows give off, so dress for the weather!
A note on safety: Please be aware of the inherent risks associated with interacting with large animals. Members of the public are only allowed into the milking barn when the cows are all locked in their stanchions. Please do not approach any of our animals without checking with farm staff.

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