Hawthorne Valley CEO Martin Ping, in consultation with the Board of Trustees and the Interbranch Management Group, has appointed Lauren Wolff to serve as Interim Chief Operating Officer beginning July 2020. The Interim Chief Operating Officer (COO) is charged with upholding the mission of Hawthorne Valley Association and embodying it within all our departments.

As Interim COO, Lauren will have responsibilities in operational leadership, finance, strategy, and communications and will continue to play an active role in ongoing projects. Lauren will take on a major supportive role in specific departments, and has already begun to work closely with the School and the Place Based Learning Center.

“I have worked with Lauren over many years and have known her in a variety of roles, most recently as Special Projects Coordinator,” Martin says. “Lauren has consistently demonstrated her commitment and versatility in each of these positions. Her dedication and suite of skills make her well suited to serve as interim COO.”

Lauren received a BA in Environment and Society at Hofstra University and a Masters in Project Management from the School of Business and Public Management at George Washington University. Lauren’s professional career has been closely tied to many area anthroposophical organizations. She worked at Camphill Association of North America as the Director of Camphill Coworker Development Office and as Director of Camphill AmeriCorps Program. For several years, she was an independent consultant, working with organizations including Mountain Laurel Waldorf School, Waldorf Education Foundation, and Plowshare Farm.

Lauren has also been a long-time Hawthorne Valley community member. She first was introduced to Hawthorne Valley in 1991 as a Summer Camp Counselor, and was immediately drawn to our work and over the years has remained involved both as a consultant, staff member, and CSA member. She has served as a VSP Intern and then a Program Staff member, the Atelier Property Manager, Farm Admin/Marketer, Creamery Staff & manager, and a Special Projects coordinator.