Ethical Technology Initiative

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Humanity is in the midst of vast technological changes that will affect every aspect of human life and the world that we live in.

We are “virtually” entering into territory in which the boundaries between human beings and machines will become ever more blurred through artificial intelligence and robotics, which demands reflection on “what does being human really mean?”

Humanity will derive many benefits from these advances, but there are stark indications that we are inadequately prepared ethically and legally to face such changes, unless we proceed with wakefulness and decisive action.

These signs include screen addiction amongst children, erosion of data privacy, school children being used as subjects (human guinea pigs) in testing new education products and reforms, emerging massive platform monopolies, and increased concentration of wealth.

Drawing upon the insights of Rudolf Steiner and ethical technology influencers, such as Tristan Harris, Sherry Turkel, Krista Tippit, Adam Alter, and Douglas Rushkoff, the Hawthorne Valley Center of Social Research is ready to play a pivotal role in developing an alternative imagination of how to use technology for the maximum benefit of humanity, and to create ethical and legal safeguards to protect current and future generations as new technologies are developed.

Our first steps will be:

  • Creating a compendium of Rudolf Steiner’s indications on technology. Currently, there is no comprehensive resource in German or English of Steiner’s perspectives on technology.
  • Presentations, writing articles, and convening and facilitating conferences and workshops on technology.


In addition, we intend to work in the following areas with sufficient support:


ETI Bi-Weekly E-Newsletter

Accessible to anyone concerned about the ethical future of technology. Developing a visual mapping and narrative of how technology can be incorporated into education in a safe and productive way, that is inspired by Waldorf education.


Visual Mapping and Narrative of the appropriate use of Technology in Education, Inspired by Waldorf Pedagogy

Created as a counterbalance to digital-based Education Mappings, such as the one created by Global Education Futures.


Ethical Technology Support Funds

Providing assistance to Anthroposophical organizations hostng technology related events, and to artists and scientists researching Rudolf Steiner’s indications on the development of moral technologies.


Development and Implementation of a Technology Precautionary Principle

Exploring the feasibility of creating ethical and legal guidelines for the development of future technology, and a recognized entity to act as the voice of public conscience overseeing technology development based on the guidelines.