staffGary Lamb, Co-Director

Gary Lamb has a degree in Mathematics and Technology, and over 30 years experience in business and not-for-profit management. His most recent book (editor) is Steinerian Economics: A Compendium published by Adonis Press.

His main focus of work is technology and how to develop and guide it in an ethical manner through the activities of the Ethical Technology Initiative, a project of the Hawthorne Valley Center for Social Research.




Christopher Schaefer, Co-Director

Dr. Christopher Schaefer is a lecturer, writer, researcher, and organizational development consultant. His interests include community development, economic justice, local economies, conflict resolution work and global peace initiatives. He has a Ph.D. in international economics and politics and has taught at Tufts University, M.I.T, Emerson College in England, and Sunbridge College in Spring Valley, N.Y., where he was a faculty member and program director for many years. He is the co-author of Vision in Action: Working with Soul and Spirit in Small Organizations and has written numerous articles on social and economic themes.